Disclaimer: Reviews shared on megamad4books are the opinions of solely the respective author. Certain reviews  may include negative connotations, so please do not repost, copy, or quote portions of our reviews larger than a paragraph without official consent.

Creative Commons License

megamad4books is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Use of images: At times images may be posted to the blog that are found on Google, or another search engine. Images are accredited where necessary, as many of the images are not created by the megamad4books community.

Commenting: We love receiving comments and opening up discussions on some of our favourite books. Please feel free to express your opinion, however we do ask that it is done in a respectful manner without the use of statements that will personally affect an individual negatively. Failure to do so may result in the deletion of the comment or banning from this blog site. Trolls and spam will be automatically deleted without notice.


We here at megamad4books must admit that blogging is not our actual jobs, however we do treat it as such. Our commitment to our blog and hence our reviews is completed with nothing more than a high level of honesty and care.

We do accept copies of books for reviews, and are open to receiving hard covers, paperbacks, and kindle editions. However we do prefer kindle editions as we are constantly on the move.

It is important to note that if you are looking for us to review a certain book, it will be undertaken with – at times – brutal honesty. If we dislike the book then we will note our opinion, listing reasons as to why we didn’t enjoy the book as much as we had hoped to. This goes the other way as well for if we enjoy a book, you will not be able to shut us up about it.

Types of Genre We Enjoy:

    • anything young adult
      – paranormal/supernatural
      – contemporary
      – romance
      – historical fiction
      – dystopia
    • new adult and adult fiction
  • classics including retellings

Review Time Period:

For advanced copies we try and post a review before the release date. This allows us to create necessary buzz about the book before it is released. For finished copies we try to post a review in the same month as the book was received. It is important to note that we post our reviews not only on our blog but also on goodreads & amazon.


We do not receive or wish to receive any monetary compensation for our reviews. Our sole purpose is to write about what we love – and that is books.


Our rating system:


Untitled   5 STARS

We give 5 stars to books that we believe are off the charts amazing! These are the books that have no flaws, who’s hero we are desperately in love with and who’s heroines we want to be best friends with! These are the books that we can’t put down, leave us desperate for more and have us thinking about the story line for days after we finish! If you are going to read anything, the books with 5 stars are a must.


Untitled  4 STARS

Books that recieve 4 stars are also stories that we loved! But unlike the 5 star books, these one’s have a small flaw or flaws that bothered us. We would also recommend these books to everyone!


Untitled  3 STARS

Books that recieve 3 stars are books that we liked but didn’t love. These books had something that we felt was missing from the storyline and prevented us from becoming totally immersed in their fictional world. These books are of the take it or leave it sort.


Untitled  2 STARS

Books that recieve 2 stars just didn’t do it for us. We didn’t feel a connection to the storyline or the characters and just couldn’t get into it.


Untitled   1 STAR

I don’t like to use the word “hate” but books that recieve 1 star are one’s that we really, really disliked. To us, the book was just plain bad and we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.


Privacy Policy: 

What information does megamad4books collect?  – Personal information (email address and name) is only asked when a viewer wishes to follow this blog or wishes to enter a giveaway contest.

Do we disclose information to outside parties? – Under no circumstance is your information provided to any other person than those associated with this blog. We may however release your information if to comply with the law, to enforce our site policies or to protect the rights and safety of ourselves or others.

With identity theft on the rise, the internet is becoming quite a dangerous place. We do suggest that subscribers use a username rather than their actual name in order to keep personal and identifiable information private. MegaMad4books is not directed at children under the age of 13. Hence we do not knowingly collect personal identifiable information from children under the age of 13. At times we do post reviews of adult novels, and may use light corse language.

Contest Policy: 
So you want to enter a contest? – If you are under the age of 13 and wish to enter a contest, please ask for your parents permission before entering. Personal information at no time will be shared with any outside party.

Most giveaways will be administered through Rafflecopter.

For giveaways through Rafflecopter:

    • to enter a certain contest please follow the instructions on the rafflecopter form
    • entrants must be 13 years of age or have parental permission for YA novels.
    • winners will be released via a blog post 72hrs after the giveaway has ended, and at no time will their contact information be posted publicly either than their screen name.
    • winners have 48hrs to respond to the initial email or another winner will be chosen
    • we hold the right to end a contest before the end date without giving any notice
  • we hold the right to disqualify any entrant as we see fit

Be sure to check who the contests are open to and to follow the contest instructions.

We recommend that you do not submit any personal identifiable information when posting to megamad4books.com



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