Anna Asher

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Isn’t it an odd thing to try and describe yourself? To be like well this is me, so yeah. There is no way that i’d be able to convey my whole self in a mere paragraph or two, because aren’t we as humans changing everyday? Is that too philosophical for you, well then let me see…

I was born in Sydney, Australia, nothing too special about that. My parents had me rather young, in fact the same age at which I am now…18. I’m an only child and have a gigantic, almost unnatural, obsession with photography. Sometimes I just feel like words can’t express a moment in life accurately enough, but a picture – well in the right lighting speaks volumes.

Sometimes I look at the world and thing WTF! And lately there have been lots of those moments ever since my accident. I started this blog as a way to basically figure things out. What exactly though is I guess the meaning of this technological thing.

xo Anna.

Blog Posts

1. In the Beginning


Most photographs Anna uses for her graphics are not hers. She does not claim any rights to them and purely uses them for artistic purposes to make her blog more aesthetically pleasing. All rights belong to their respected owners.



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