About Us

So there are two bloggers on this site, Meg and Maddi who are both Meg-a-Mad for books!
We’ll both introduce ourselves below…


Well hello there new friends! I’m Meg, a 20 year old (gosh! I know right…I’m so old) book lover. There is something about the desire to escape reality that intrigues me. And reading is a perfect outlet for this desire. When you are able to immerse yourself in a good book, the time and the world seem to slip away. To be honest with you I am a slightly picky reader, and do have a habit of rushing ‘bad’ books if they annoy me. (Or I just google the endings…or ask Maddi)

But on the plus side I do love to read young adult books with any of the following characteristics:

– paranormal/supernatural powers
– young love/love triangles
– epic fight scenes
– humorous characters
– dystopian settings
– original plots

Every now and then I do love a good adult novel, or a book that just sounds absolutely amazing. I have never written reviews before, at least not voiced them so publicly. I am enjoying it immensely however, and now have another addiction to add to my ever growing list πŸ˜€


Hey! I’m a 20 year old Australia who (obviously) loves to read and share this love with others… Hmm what to say about me? Well I guess as a reader I’m that terrible person who reads the end of a book first (I get too impatient and HAVE TO know what’s going to happen), I prefer to buy ebooks (they’re cheaper), I often break the spines on my physical books and I rarely don’t finish a story even if I don’t like it. Reading is my all time favourite way to spend a day, I love stories that are full of imagination and adventure which transport me to a different world for a few hours.


I read pretty much everything except non-fiction and biographies.

My favourite genres are…
– Anything young adult
– Fantasy
– Urban Fantasy
– Classics
– Dystopia
– Contemporary fiction
– Romance (I pretty much like a little romance in everything!)

This is my first attempt at sharing my reviews with the world and I don’t know how successful it will be but I’m trying to be super optimistic! So on that noteΒ FOLLOW THIS BLOG! πŸ™‚


21 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey – Canberra is my favourite place in Australia! We don’t need to insult it when the meanies in Sydney spend so much time doing it!
    You’ll love it more in a few years – I couldn’t wait to leave Australia when I was 18/19 – but I moved back here because it was where I wanted to be πŸ™‚

  2. Hi guys, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following! I love that there are two of you writing on here, I bet that makes for a really interesting dynamic. πŸ™‚ It would be pretty interesting if you both read the same book and had completely different thoughts on it!

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