Almost Demon by A.J. Salem

18586128Book Synopsis:
Published October 31st 2013 by Salem Books, Inc.
310 pages |goodreads-badge-add-black-38px

The last thing Gemma Pope expects to study in the after-school book club is demon etiquette but that is exactly what she has to do to succeed as a summoner and save her hometown.

Since taking the blame for the car accident that claimed the lives of her twin brother and two of her best friends, she s been seeing things. Dark shadows, opaque, menacing, multiplying.

The clock starts ticking when the local mild-mannered librarian suffers a psychotic break and pulls a gun on her reading circle. People are dying in disasters and wars all over the world. Gemma s dad is getting weird, her classmates are becoming violent, and the darkness surrounding Harrisport is getting thicker.

Does she trust hot English Lit teacher Mr. Flynn or Ian, the mysterious new kid in town, who has knowledge beyond his years and access to other dimensions?

It is only when the gates to hell are opened, that Gemma learns who her real friends are.

Discover what lies just beyond the veil of humanity in the sleepy town of Harrisport.

Book Review: 3_Stars7

~ I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review ~

So if you have been following Maddi and I for a while you will be well versed in my obsession with books that have a religious undertone. Of course when I saw that such a book was up for grabs on NetGalley I couldn’t help but request a copy. Was I disappointed? No, I wasn’t.

Salem has written a beautiful debut novel that puts a twist on the old heaven and hell eternal war. The imagination that has gone into creating this urban fantasy world is genius. As a reader you become fully immersed in this world and the tragedy that has fallen upon our main character. Although I did have several issues with Gemma, mainly because she wasn’t as desperate to find answers to impending questions when weird things started happening, she was still witty and a loveable main character.

The love interests felt somewhat forced, and I still don’t really feel as though anyone would have fallen for Ian..regardless of how hot he is. I felt as though his character was trying to be the sarcastic devilish handsome book-guy that has appeared in countless novels in the same form. The fact that he was linked to the Drift, a secret tunnel world that aloud you access to different realms, made him a whole lot more interesting. I thought that part of the novel was brilliant. That and how everytime Gemma would call upon a demon or angel that she was then tattooed with their sigil..awesome.

What really carried the book for me was the lore. It was incredibly interesting with the black smoke beings possessing people, the tunnels as mentioned before, and even the secret club that made everybody loved was hot. Unfortunately I just felt that reactions to particular events didn’t seem realistic and the romance felt forced where Gemma excused weirdness by highlighting that it was ok because the guy was delicious looking.

It was a quick read with an interesting tale. I wasn’t a massive fan of the characters, but the world was incredibly creative and written beautifully. This is one that you should give a go if you are into epic battles involving religious events.



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