The Near Witch (The Near Witch, #1) by Victoria Schwab

6931344Book Synopsis:
Published August 2nd 2011 by Hyperion Books CH
282 pages | goodreads-badge-add-black-38px

These are the truths that Lexi has heard all her life.

But when an actual stranger-a boy who seems to fade like smoke-appears outside her home on the moor at night, she knows that at least one of these sayings is no longer true.

The next night, the children of Near start disappearing from their beds, and the mysterious boy falls under suspicion. Still, he insists on helping Lexi search for them. Something tells her she can trust him.

As the hunt for the children intensifies, so does Lexi’s need to know-about the witch that just might be more than a bedtime story, about the wind that seems to speak through the walls at night, and about the history of this nameless boy.

Book Review: 4 stars black

If the wind calls at night, you must not listen. The wind is lonely, and always looking for company.
The Near Witch | Victoria Schwab

So you know when you read those books and they seem to have a long lasting effect on you? When after the last page you hope for more, or that you begin to gain this feeling that the world would be a lot greater if you lived in such a place as the one you just read about? Well fellow lovers of books The Near Witch is such a tail filled with mystery and magic, written so beautifully that you’ll wish Victoria Schwab would narrate your life. It’s that good.

You are first introduced to the town of Near. A quiet, rather peaceful town set apart from the rest of the world. Although I am unsure as to what time the story is set, I am certain it isn’t in modern times. Within the town there is a tale of the Near Witch who used to reside just on the outskirts of town, but she was cast out after a misfortunate event with one of the towns children…or so is told. There are no strangers in Near, so when a boy is seen disappearing with the wind and children begin to go missing in the dead of the night without a trace, Lexi who has spent her whole life desiring a higher purpose sets out to discover the truth and find the missing children before her sister joins them.

This book was fan-freaking-tastic! Schwabs writing reminds me of the original fairytales, Grim Brothers in fact, especially with the eeriness to the town. She masterfully creates vivid imagery of the wind moving like an entity or the witch rebuilding herself with elements from her garden. It was brilliant!

I really liked Lexi as a character, and although this book does have a romantic element it was downplayed to the actual mystery going on. This didn’t bother me, because I think that if the romance was pushed further to the fronts of the pages then I wouldn’t have liked the book as much. I’m talking about if there was the whole ‘I love you’ bits. Lexi’s intrigue with the stranger facilities the success of her quest. And I really enjoyed the towns people reactions to the stranger. That they needed someone to blame to put their fear at ease.

The one thing that slightly bothered me was that despite Matthew no one else believed that the Near witch had returned. That they were more likely to believe a stranger did it, even though there was no evidence to do so. Also the fact that they were just going to kill him without even trialling him first. It was barbaric, although I understood they were fuelled by fear.

Magda and Dreska where rather awesome, and I loved their helpful but obscure rhymes and tales. The lore in this book was imaginative and gripping. It was written so beautifully, it amazes me.

I loved this one! It has witches and tales of the old with a romantic storyline to keep you blissfully hopeful during the dark times.



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