Wednesday’s ~ Would you Rather #1


Wednesday’s Would You Rather is an exclusive meme here at MegaMad4books (although we clearly did not make up the original game…because we aren’t ancient) where we choose a book or series and create a would you rather question from it.

This weeks would you rather question is taken from The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare.


Would you rather have one great love or many loves?

~ This part contains spoilers for the books ~

Well if you have read this series (I am currently on Clockwork Princess) then you would know that there is a debacle over the mortality of the main character Tessa, and then there is her two loves Jem and Will. I was a bad girl and read the timeline in the back of the book and it shows Wills birth date and death date next to Tessa’s birthdate and no death date because she is immortal. But then the interesting thing was that Jem has no death date either..maybe he becomes an automaton-human? Regardless it got me thinking, would I rather have experienced a great love or many loves (if I was immortal of course).

I know that Magnus finds this difficult in TMI, and there is a part where he is discussing this point with Alec. He lives for hundreds of years so there is little question that he has been in love before. But would it be better to have been in love with many others, then to miss out on that one great love?

I think that if I were immortal it would be devastating to watch the one person that I love grow old and then pass away, but would that be the better option then walking through life experiencing love but still knowing that something was always missing?Love is never the same, I don’t think you are ever equally in love with someone new as you were when you were with someone old. You can’t really compare them as equal. So what if you had experienced great love but then they passed, and although you found love again it isn’t ever the same. Obviously this does happens in real life. But in fictional land wouldn’t it be worse to watch someone grow old and die, when you didn’t age, then have someone pass because of an illness or misfortunate incident? I think it would, and I fear for the resentment my partner would feel let alone the sadness that we wouldn’t be able to grow old together. How would you recover?

But I still think, after much wafting, that I would rather have one great love then many loves. Why? Because I wouldn’t want to miss out on those feelings of epicness where we felt rather invincible, no matter how brief our time together would be.

If you decide to jump on this meme wagon please post a link to your post in the comment section below. 🙂



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