Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy #5) by Richelle Mead


Published May 18th 2010 by Razorbill | 489 pages

Dimitri gave Rose the ultimate choice. But she chose wrong…

After a long and heartbreaking journey to Dimitri’s birthplace in Siberia, Rose Hathaway has finally returned to St. Vladimir’s-and to her best friend, Lissa. It is nearly graduation, and the girls can’t wait for their real lives beyond the Academy’s iron gates to begin. But Rose’s heart still aches for Dimitri, and she knows he’s out there, somewhere.

She failed to kill him when she had the chance. And now her worst fears are about to come true. Dimitri has tasted her blood, and now he is hunting her. And this time he won’t rest until Rose joins him… forever.

REVIEW: 3 stars

Reader beware: this is the 5th book in the series so it will definitely contain spoilers!

When I read books I become very invested in the characters, their stories and their adventures. As sad as it is, these characters are like my friends! My fictional friends who I can count on to always be there and take me on fun adventures. So when a character starts behaving like a bad human being, it upsets me and we have a falling out. Rose and I are currently fighting and I don’t know if our friendship can hack it because I really don’t want to be friends with someone who so shamelessly uses another person!

Seriously Rose! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!? Her character took a serious dive in this book.

tumblr_m5v2cikpID1qkpccwo1_500From the get-go Rose is shamelessly using Adrian, she knows that she doesn’t see their relationship as a long-term thing which would be fine except that Adrian does. Adrian is in LOVE with her and she is knowingly still in love with Dimitri yet she selfishly enters into a relationship with him so that she doesn’t have to feel so lonely.

I may have been able to accept this like I did when she used Mason to get over Dimitri but this time she essentially goes after both Dimitri and Adrian whole heartedly.  Only a few hours after assuring Adrian she wants to be with him and that she’ll try, she’s also suddenly all over Dimitri! The only reason she even goes back to Adrian is because Dimitri rejects her. ROSE YOU ARE ACTING LIKE A COW.

tumblr_ml7qrsLjTU1rmm9foo1_500Seriously disappointed by her behavior in this book. God, I hope Adrian finally grows a back-bone in the next one and dumps her ass. And I think she got a little bit of what was coming to her towards the end…


I still enjoyed the action and the progression of the story, the twist and turns at the end in particular! While there were some things that I predicted, there were other parts that totally took me by surprise which was fun. I really want to see what happens to Rose, Lissa, Adrian, Dimitri, etc. I’m already invested in this story so obviously I’m going to continue and I really hope the last book can end on an awesome 5 star rating.

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Vampire Academy series (click on the cover to see my review):

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2 thoughts on “Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy #5) by Richelle Mead

  1. I haven’t read these yet. My friend keeps bugging me to start the series but I’m not sure how many more vampire novels I can take. I might give it a shot but I REALLY hope it’s worth it!

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