Simply Sunday #1

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Simply Sunday is a meme hosted by the wonderful Chiara over at Books For A Delicate EternityYou need to go and check her site out! This meme is where you can share your favourite quote of the week; be it from a book, a novella, a short story, a poem, a song – and discuss briefly why you chose it.

My Simple Thing:

“So what are you gonna do when the world don’t orbit around you?”
Ain’t It Fun | Paramore

Why I chose it?

I think I chose this quote for the plain and simple reason, the human race. Ok well maybe that isn’t simple enough of an explanation. Let me try and explain.

Sometimes after speaking to someone I can’t help but go ‘seriously? can you not even consider seeing my side?’ As a race we are undoubtedly flawed but what point I am trying to get across is that it is ok to question others points of view, and I quite enjoy hearing what others think, but just don’t push that view onto me whilst insisting that it is the only view that is right. I hate it. And although the quote chosen is more about self-centred people, I still think you have to be tad bit self-centred if you only ever believe you are right and everyone else in the world is wrong.

What a horrible way to live where you aren’t even open to the possibility that you could be incorrect, or that you believe you are so much better then somebody else who could possibly believe in something you don’t. You don’t control the world, just like you don’t control people’s opinions. Do you live in an f***ing bubble where you are oblivious to what and how you say things? So to you I say suck it! Suck it you fake-controllers of the world. Die alone, with your sacred opinions, and let us who actually enjoy hearing others point of view live in peace.

Over and OUT!


One thought on “Simply Sunday #1

  1. I can definitely understand where you’re coming from. Some people aren’t open minded enough to see the world from others’ points of view, and that is really sad for them.
    Being open to opinion, and beliefs, and all that kind of stuff increases not only your knowledge, but expands the way you see the world. Which I think is a very good thing.
    Thanks for joining in! 🙂

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