Transcend by Christine Fonseca

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Published August 30th 2013 |goodreads-badge-add-black-38px

Semi-Finalist in Kindle Book Review 2013 Indie Book Awards

All seventeen-year-old composer Ien Montgomery desires is an escape from his family’s rigid expectations for his life; someone to inspire his music. When he meets a beautiful violin-prodigy, Kiera McDougal, his life music takes on new life. With her, he imagines a future outside of his parents’ control. That is, until a horrible accident tears them apart.

Sent to die in a sanatorium, Ien’s obsession for Kiera grows unbearable. Tortured by thoughts he can’t escape and the truth of his monstrous disfigurement, he flees, desperate to exact revenge on the people that ruined his life – his parents. But, vengeance is empty. Betrayed by those closest to him, Ien discovers that the price for his happiness may be his sanity.

Set amidst the landscape of New York’s Gilded Age, and inspired by Phantom of the Opera, TRANSCEND exposes the fine line between love and madness.

Review: 2.5 stars

Good news is, I won this book on Goodreads and it’s the FIRST book I’ve ever won! Too much excitement. Seriously, I got really excited. When I found out I won, I immediately messaged Meg like “OMG I WON I WON I WON! I’M A WINNER! YESSS!” It was truly a great moment in my life.

… But the bad news is, I didn’t really like it. It’s annoying because based on all the reviews, I feel like I’m the only one that feels this way! I tried so hard and I wanted to like it so bad but it fell flat in my head. I didn’t hate it either, and there were parts that I really enjoyed but overall I wasn’t a fan.

This is a dark, intense story that explores obsession, insanity and revenge. It’s a retelling of the Phantom of the Opera, a story that I have no previous experience with. I never read the original book and I’ve never seen the play so this was a total brand new thing for me; it was interesting but not a story that I think I’ll be looking further into. I think that Christine Fonseca, wrote this story really well but I just couldn’t get into the storyline. It just wasn’t the book for me, because;Phantom-of-the-Opera-the-phantom-of-the-opera-8145245-1920-1200

  • This story is really raw and intense, it had no light moments and I just had a hard time staying focused on the story. Plus with all the voices, I just found myself really confused the whole time. Everything was constantly being turned upside down and inside out, making it hard to know what was going on or what was real and what wasn’t. I know that the story was meant to be this way and it was kind of cool in parts, but it was the whole book! The constant onslaught of craziness and intensity was just not something that I enjoyed. But if that’s your thing then definitely pick this up!
  • I didn’t like the main character, Ien. He’s completely nuts and creepy! I don’t feel any sympathy for this character! The moment  he relives his brother’s death was the moment I thought he should be locked away for a very very long time.
  • Finally, I really disliked the ending; why!? WHY!? I don’t understand why Keira, Jenna and James would do that after everything that had just happened to them. It didn’t make any sense.

I don’t really have a whole lot more to say about this one. I don’t have a very strong opinion about it, it just wasn’t my thing.




3 thoughts on “Transcend by Christine Fonseca

  1. Don’t you just HATE it when something only has good reviews and you didn’t like it? I just sit there like, “Did I read a different book?” It’s even worse when you win the book. Then I’m just like, “Yay, I won garbage. *pets it because she won it anyways*”

  2. That seriously happens to me all the time. For example, I’ll look at Amazon’s stars (now I double check with Goodreads) and this novel will get five stars…then I get it and it absolutely sucks. Like am I a harsh critic or are we all reading the same book here? I’m sad this didn’t turn out as good as advertised.

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