Pensieve Post: Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth


Hey guys!  So today I’m going to be doing a Pensieve Post, what is that? The Pensieve post is a unique feature here at MegaMad 4 Books where we become the Dumbledore to your Harry Potter and take you back in time through the pensieve aka our blog so that you can remember all the best bits of the story before the next book comes out!

With just over a week until the publication of Allegiant by Veronica Roth, I thought I would help you remember what happened in the first two.

spoiler_alert_300_wPLEASE do not read this post if you haven’t read Divergent or Insurgent! This whole post will be a massive spoiler so leave. LEAVE NOW AND GO READ!

Summary: Divergent

What do we know so far?dive

  • Erudite hate Abnegation because Erudite think Abnegation are hoarding goods and not leading the city well (Abnegation run the government)
  • Erudite enslaves all the Dauntless members with the simulation serum which puts them under some sort of mind control which makes them slaughter the Abnegation faction
  • Tris doesn’t get brainwashed (because she’s Divergent), so she destroys the Jeanine’s plan, and rescues everyone
  • Some people die: Tris’ mum and Dad, and Will (fellow initiative shot by Tris)
  • Tris, her brother Caleb, Tobias/Four, his dad Marcus (leader of Abnegation), and evil Peter head off to find refuge with Amity.
  • The book ends with the city in complete chaos.


Summary: Insurgent

What happened next?? (This one is way more detailed because I just re-read it and so much happened!)

  • Erudite attacked to get their hands on information hidden in the Abnegation government buildings that Marcus knows about
  • Stay at Amity for awhile but then Erudite show up so the group flee and end up with the factionless
  • Tobias’s mom, Evelyn, who apparently isn’t dead after all, is the factionless leader and plans a factionless revolution
  • The Erudite attack Candour compound and insert them with long-range transmitters which when activated brainwash some people into jumping off the side of the building to their deaths. They say they will only stop once a Divergent volunteers himself/herself up for study.
  • Tris turns herself in to be studied and finds Peter (asshole) once again working for the Erudite.
  • Janine discovers many curious things about Tris’ brain, including an excessive number of motor neurons, which allow her to mimick the people around her easily, and an over-developed frontal lobe, which means she is goal-oriented.
  • Caleb shows up, revealing that he has been working for Erudite all this time (shit brother award) and feeding them information about Tris
  • Peter  helps Tris escape (no I feel bad about the asshole comment..)
  • Dauntless  attack Erudite, take back control and kill Jeanine but then the factionless turn on them. Then they’re all interrupted by this mind blowing news…
  • AND THE REALLY IMPORTANT BIT: We find out that the faction system was an experiment from some scientists in the real world to create a sort of Utopian society. Basically a few thousand people were placed within the confines of Chicago and were brain wiped to have the attributes of one of the five factions. They hoped that one day people with more than one attribute would arise, who are called Divergent. When a great number of Divergents came about, then it was time for the entire community to re-enter normal society and help solve the chaos in the real world.
  • One of the scientists was Tris’ ancestor
  • THIS is what Jeanine had been trying to prevent, venturing beyond the gates of their small society


Next Book: Allegiant


  • What is the real world like now?
  • Will the Divergent be able to help and how?
  • What are the factionless going to do?
  • How is the entire society of Chicago going to react when they learn that they’re all an experiment?
  • What’s going to happen with Caleb? Personally I hope that Tris never forgive him.


AHHH soon these will all be answered.

Let me know what you think of this post, it’s a new feature so feedback would be much appreciated. Do you love it or hate it?




10 thoughts on “Pensieve Post: Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth

  1. Great post! I was worrying that I wouldn’t have enough time to reread both books before Allegiant, so this was super helpful! So excited to see what happens next!

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