Sapphire Blue (The Precious Stone Trilogy, #2) by Kerstin Gier

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Published October 31st 2013 | Square Fish
384 Pages |goodreads-badge-add-black-38px

Gwen’s life has been a rollercoaster since she discovered she was the Ruby, the final member of the secret time-traveling Circle of Twelve. In between searching through history for the other time-travelers and asking for a bit of their blood (gross!), she’s been trying to figure out what all the mysteries and prophecies surrounding the Circle really mean.

At least Gwen has plenty of help. Her best friend Lesley follows every lead diligently on the Internet. James the ghost teaches Gwen how to fit in at an eighteenth century party. And Xemerius, the gargoyle demon who has been following Gwen since he caught her kissing Gideon in a church, offers advice on everything. Oh, yes. And of course there is Gideon, the Diamond. One minute he’s very warm indeed; the next he’s freezing cold. Gwen’s not sure what’s going on there, but she’s pretty much destined to find out.

Book Review: 5 stars

“The lion-as proud as the diamond bright,
Though the spell may be clouding that radiant light-in the death of the sun what’s amiss will then mend, while the raven is dying discloses the end.”

There are authors whose novels always have a special place on your bookshelf. You may dust it more often, re-read it frequently, or it may be the first book you always recommend because you can’t imagine ever reading anything else as brilliant. Kerstin Gier is now my favourite author, there I have said it. Well…typed it, but I say it as well to whoever will listen. In Sapphire Blue, the second book in the Precious Stone Trilogy, she blows readers away again with her masterful storytelling and witty prose. You won’t be able to put this one down, and it will have a long lasting blissful affect on you.

imagesWe jump right back into this world of time travelling mystery with Gwen and Gideon getting all up close and personal in a church of all places. Just naughty. And this is where we meet Xemerius, the hilarious gargoyle/demon that begins to follow Gwyneth throughout her life, offering her answers to historical questions so she doesn’t look like a nimbus and of course spying on Charlotte when she is having late night dinners with Gideon. As Gwen discovers more about why Lucy and Paul stole the chronograph through conversations with her much younger grandpa, and uncovers more of the prophesy surrounding herself,  you will be screaming NO! No in a more weeping way, I’m just saying.

I love, love, love this series! Three loves so you know I am serious. It is just so wonderful, I haven’t read anything like it. Gier is a true artist. Her ability to write characters that you begin to feel are real and actually root for, her world building is magnificent and her ability to take you back in time so you actually believe you are there with the tiniest of detail or phrase is phenomenally unique. If you haven’t already you need to pick up this series! And if you don’t want to be spoiled, please don’t continue reading.

Discussioning taking place below, non-readers of this book will be spoiled:

I freaking love Gwen! She is hilarious and I actually want to be her. I don’t think I have ever wanted to be a main character more in my life of reading fabulous literature. I have put this down to just having such a clear picture of who she is that everything she ever does or says, let alone thinks, you just can’t help but go ‘thats so Gwen.’ Again Giers writing is truly amazing!

Seeing Gwen and Gideons relationship grow, and having all those intimate scenes together just makes me so f.r.e.a.k.i.n.g happy. I loved the part when he was all angry at her because he knew that he was falling for her but the future her had ‘apparently’ hit him over the head and knocked him out so he was questioning everything  which meant he started to be a gigantic ASS! And Gwenyth was all, but we were just making out like yesterday and now your being an ASS so stuff you no more access. God he can be such an ASS. I should probably stop typing the A-word. Anyway, loved it.


But then of course I can’t live in a happy dappy world where my favourite characters get to be all slow motion running to embrace, because Count-Sucky-mc-suck-suck has to go and ruin everything! He is just so freaking sexist and this is something that just irritates me to the bone about people who don’t believe in equality. When he says ‘The best way to control a woman is to make her fall in love with you’ I was legit like, nup thats it. I am crawling into this book right now and killing you. And I am not at all a violent person. But then Gideon confirms it after Gwen says ‘I bet you hated it that you had to start all over again with me after Charlotte didn’t turn out to have the gene, God I made it so easy for you.’ It was heartbreaking, even though you know that he actually does love her. And that is another thing, they have only known each other for less than a week but they are so clearly in love. This would be considered to be insta-loving which we all hate, but in this instance I so don’t. Because its just so obvious, and it progresses so naturally that you sort of forget it is only a few days when they have been travelling back and forth in time.

Why oh why has it not been brought up though that Gideon can read minds! There are so many moments when Gwen is thinking something and he just responds and your like, hang on there sexy mister I was just thinking that. Like with cousin Sofa and Gwen doesn’t think she can move because he kissed her to the point of taking her breath away, and then he says to her ‘Don’t look at me like that? Like you can’t possible move.‘  Evidence if you truly needed any. Therefore he must be all weirdly weird like Count-i’ll assassinate you myself-Germain. Even though it wasn’t as evident in this one like it was in Ruby Red it needs to be cleared up one way or the other. But it would just explain so much, like why he has fallen for Gwen so quickly to start with. Because she isn’t like a Charlotte who is predictable and restrained. I’m just saying that if he could read Gwens mind it would account for all the nice things he said about her at the end before Count-check yourself because I am coming for you ruined everything.


I mentioned it before how Gier is able to literarily transport you back in time with such precision to detail that you believe you are there. Its incredible! The dresses, the music, the punch, the underpinning jabs, the booby grabbing pricks, just like it would have been. sigh. And this is where we meet Lord Alastair the leader of the assassination team that believes they are doing Gods will to eliminate the time travellers. So it was the Florentine Alliance that tried to kill Gideon and Gwen in Hyde park during book one. This part was a bit confusing for me because I felt like I was missing something. There was so much tension between the Count and Alastair that I wasn’t sure why the Count hadn’t gotten rid of him yet. In the  cutting your throat in a carriage sense, because we all know he is a fan of that. Like why kill your ancestor Count, because your an evil ASS-hole? Damn, I said i’d stop using the A-word. In the epilogue we find out that Lucy and Paul were actually working with Alastair because they believed that he would help them kill the Count before the circle was complete. It’ll be interesting to see what the rest of the prophesies that the Count has been hiding from everyone says, especially about the Ruby. But is the Count immortal? If so then does this mean that the circle in the future has already been completed? Or is he just a vampire from Transylvania?

UnknownI reckon the green-dress-widow lady, Lady Livina, is who Gwen is crying over when she is at that ball that we see a glimpse of in the first book when she is hiding from her wigged self. Why Gideon must you play with my heart and at times make it so hard for me to like you? Why you so flirty flirty with Lady Livinia, whats the significance? Twice in two days…really? And I refuse to believe its because she is teaching you a few things with all of her experiences as the Count-shove it suggests. Maybe Gideon thinks he is destined to kill the Ruby, given thats sort of what the prophesy suggests with him being the lion and all. Even so you aren’t keeping your distance so well given you told Gwen that you have fallen in love with her. I guess you are sort of shoving destiny then aye? As this girl makes you question your whole life’s purpose.

Xemerius was incredible and such a great humorous addition. I love the conversations between him and Gwen, even him and James was so funny. And then of course there is the  authentic relationship between Gwen and Lesley which is to die for, that girl is so sweetly gorgeous and I am looking forward to her finding her happy ending with Raphael and his deep green eyes. Speaking of green, what do you think is hidden in Gwens house? I reckon its the Philosophers stone, its the only thing that makes sense.

Oh my gosh and how much of a bitch is Charlotte! I wanted to slap her. Yes I understand that she is hard done by but please no need to cram that stick further up your ass. Just because you don’t have that ‘connection’ with Gideon anymore doesn’t mean you need to lie and say that your cousin is a massive hoe bag. No!

Ahhh so many feelings and thoughts right now! Have you read it? What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Sapphire Blue (The Precious Stone Trilogy, #2) by Kerstin Gier

  1. Oh I have to ask, do you think Paul and Lucy are…. you know who’s parents??? 😀
    I have to say I am not so sure about Gideon reading minds, in that case he would probably have realized what a douche count mcsucky was 😛 But that ending scene to the book killed me. I am going to buy the last book in my ‘fall order’ and hopefully it’ll be the best thing ever. 😛 I’ve actually translated some of the quotes on goodreads for the third book and it just makes me even more excited
    Great Review Meg 🙂

    • I definitely think they are you know who’s parent, mainly because of how they responded to seeing the person in Ruby Red in the pilogue. I am currently reading Emerald Green (which is fantastic!) and I am sort of doubting my prediction that Gideon can read minds, but he definitely has some sort of power besides being absolutely swoon worthy :p

      • YAY! I hope we’re right because that makes things a whole lot more interesting 😀
        I am jealous! Be sure to review it so that I know what to expect from the book 😀 😀 😀
        Hey I am still pissed off at Gideon for being a jerk. You cannot help but love him but he better redeem himself for the things he did.

  2. Hi I was just wondering on the covers of the books the dresses are red blue and green. I read the series but forgot where the dresses are used. Like where does she go in them. Could you please tell me where and in which book? Thanks!

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