Inbox Mondays #14


In My Mailbox is a weekly meme that was hosted by The Story Siren and then moved to The Modge Podge Bookshelf and then it was being passed around to different blogs and now I don’t really know where it’s hosted…regardless it is an awesome meme that lets everyone know what others have picked up in books this week.

I have been on a strict buying book ban, because I am broke and cry every time I look at my bank balance. Why must life be so expensive?! Luckily I did receive a few for review 🙂

~ NetGalley ~

cover28339-medium Published August 6th 2013 |Touchstone

A modern retelling of Rupunzel with a jaded twist. Maybe not all fairytale princesses get their happily ever afters….especially if their prince married their intended and left them in a tower only to return when his wife has passed mysteriously.

Sounds intriguing! And of course I am a gigantic sucker for retellings.


Published August 3rd 2010 | Tor Books
Garet helps an old man open a silver box, but unknowing breaks the walls between our world and the Fey. She becomes The Watchtower, an role past down through generations to guard the human and fey world. But the equilibrium between these two worlds is under threat as the demons of despair and discord were also released alongside a 16th century magician and necromancer by the name of Dr. John Dee.

Whats not to be excited about? Fairies, necromancers, demons, magicians! Lets hope Black Swan Rising lives up to my high expectations. Can’t wait to check this one out.


Published October 1st 2013 | Disney-Hyperion

The second book in the Shadowlands series, which I must admit that I haven’t read Shadowlands (book 1). But I have already started this one so consequently know the ending of the first one. Yes I started reading it before I actually checked to see if it was the first in the series. Shame on me. And now because I was laughing at Maddi because she did the same with a Libba Bray book, Karma has come back to bite me. I hate it when that happens.

Regardless I am already intrigued and hope there is some good recaps throughout this one. Yes I am being a bad book reviewer, but I have no money so can’t purchase the first book and I honestly can’t wait to finish this one.

What have you been reading?



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