Would You Rather?

would-you-rather-6WOOO it’s Friday! TGIF. It’s been a pretty busy week for me and I’m so glad it’s the weekend! You know what I look forward to tonight? A night of doing nothing until tomorrow when reality will come crashing back down and I will once again be super busy. As part of my night of doing nothing, I once again want to do something a little bit fun so I’ve been scouring the internet and I stumbled across an awesome game of Would You Rather (Book edition). If you want to see the original posts  go check out these three booktubers; Jesse The Reader, maureenkeavy and Kouturebookloves.

So let’s play…

Would You Rather? (Bookish Edition)

Would you rather read a hardcover or paperback?

If I’m going to buy a physical book I’m more likely to get a paperback (helloo, cheaper!!) but I would prefer a hardcover. I can be a little rough with my books and hardcovers tend to be a bit more durable, plus I just find them easier to read when trying to keeping the book open to the page I’m reading.

Would you rather buy your book online or at a bookstore?

Definitely online! Because a) they’re cheaper and b) I get packages which is always exciting!!

Would you rather ride a broom or a hippogriff?

Is this even a question? A HIPPOGRIFF!! How fun would that be!


Would you rather go on a trip to Amsterdam with Hazel and Augustus or on a road trip with Quentin Jacobsen and his friends?

OK  I’m going to say Quentin and his friends because I love road trips and I don’t want to be a massive third wheel on Hazel and Augustus’s trip.

Would you rather explore Narnia or explore Hogwarts?

This is a hard one… I think I would rather Narnia because that’s a whole WORLD and Hogwarts, as amazing as it is, is only one building.

Would you rather be a squib or a downworlder?

Definitely a downworlder. If I was a downworlder I would be in a community of other downworlders still very much apart of the supernatural world. But being a squib would be the worst, to be stuck in a magical world without magic? *shudder* That would be my worst nightmare.


Would rather read a series or a trilogy?

Oooohhh another hard question. As long as I like the book, I prefer a series because who wouldn’t want as much amazingness as they can get? The more books there are, means the more adventures there are to read about 🙂

Would rather buy books or borrow from the library?

I don’t know why but I’m massively against borrowing books from the library. I like to own my books, to be able to look at them and be like “you’re mine”. I really have know idea why I feel this way… I think I’m just really protective? I also don’t like lending them to people but that’s more because I’ve lent books to people and then never gotten them back, like my Breaking Dawn (Twilight #3). GAH I’m still pissed about that.

Would you rather read something set in the past or something set in the future?

Future, I love dystopian books and the imagination that goes into creating those worlds!

Would you rather be an old wise character or a young headstrong character in the middle of the action?

Young and headstrong and in the middle of the action. I want adventure!!

Gryffindor_LeviosaEye30794Would you rather be a slytherin or a gryffindor?

Gryffindor. There’s a part of me that wants to say slytherin because then I can be evil and do dark magic. But I have a massive crush on Dean Thomas (the book one, not movie one), and he’s a gryffindor who I doubt would date an evil slytherin.

Would you rather be a hobbit or an elf?

A HOBBIT! They have THE life. They literally eat all the time and live a quiet, chilled life. That I can deal with.

Would you rather read a stand alone or a series?

I definitely tend to prefer a series over a standalone. Again, who wouldn’t want more?

Would you rather read fiction or nonfiction?

Fiction, no question. I enjoy getting lost in a completely fictitious world!

Would you rather be a vampire or a shape shifter?

Shape shifter, a cool one that could turn into any animal. THAT WOULD BE SO COOL. Watch me fly away as a bird, then run as a cheetah, then swim like a dolphin, etc. I would be all the animals, humanity? Who needs it.

Would you rather read at home or at a quiet public place?

Home, it’s just way more comfortable.

Would you rather venture the secret garden or venture into the forbidden forest?

The secret garden, I’m not suicidal enough to go anywhere near the forbidden forest!

Would you rather fall into a rabbit hole and find wonderland or rather fly off to never land with peter pan?

Rabbit hole and wonderland! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite classics! I want to meet the Cheshire Cat and go to the Mad Hatters tea party.


So what would you rather?

would-you-ratherHappy Friday!



2 thoughts on “Would You Rather?

  1. Well, I was going to break it down answer by answer, but I actually agree with most of yours!

    1. I prefer paperbacks over hardbacks, but I’m slowly being converted to the hardback method. Mostly because I want my books now and refuse to wait until they’re released in paperback.

    2. I’d rather be an elf. Hello – Legolas? Arwen? Immortality? A BOW AND ARROW?? Yes, that’s the life for me.

    3. I feel the exact same way about libraries. I’d rather wait until I have the money, or just go broke, so that I own my copy. Having to give it back… That’s torture in its purest form.

    • Fair point about the elves but elves don’t have like 5 lunches… Haha 🙂
      RIGHT! I have serious prejudices against libraries, although if I don’t want to go broke I should probably start borrowing books. But I don’t want to, so we’ll wait until I’m desperate.
      Thanks for stopping by Kayla!! 🙂

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