Booking Through Thursday #4


Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Deb about mostly books and reading. This weeks question is:

Which is preferred – stories with multiple characters point of views? or stories that stick to one or two at most? And why?

I personally prefer stories that have only one persons point of view if the writing is in first person. I find it really hard to engage with a story if you are stuck in multiple peoples heads. Its just a preference, although I do understand why authors choose to write this way. This being said if a story is written in third person then I don’t mind if it focuses on a few characters, as this gives you a wider view of the authors world without the muddle of being inside someones mind. Libba Bray’s The Diviners does this very well, and of course good old HP.


8 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday #4

  1. I can see where some stories benefit from being told in multiple viewpoints but I just find it hard to keep up with each different story line. And you reminded me I really need to read The Diviners…

  2. I agree. I much prefer just one point of view. There are exceptions, of course, but it’s usually just too confusing and hard to keep straight. That, and I sit around and pick whose viewpoint I like best and pout whenever I’m in anyone else’s.

  3. I honestly don’t mind multiple point of views, especially if they keep the story exciting and give it more depth, like The Song of Ice and Fire series. However, it really drives me crazy if a series starts of with a single POV and then when the next book comes out, you find yourself reading from multiple POVs.

  4. The neophyte author’s obsession with POV may come from visual media where internal dialogue is minimal and visual cues make it easy to distinguish actors. Still, a good author can make effective use of scene breaks and clear character voice to distinguish characters and keep the action well sorted out.

    My series, from a thematic and narrative perspective, practically demands third-person, multiple POV. I played around with first person in my head and the narrative plodded to a turgid, confusing stop.

  5. I prefer stories told in 3rd person. Stories posted in 1st person usually bore me unless that character has an interesting voice.

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