Why I love Taylor Swift (A semi-review of Taylor Swift: The Platinum Edition by Liv Spencer)

18063861Taylor Swift happens to be one of my favourite singers of all time so when NetGalley was offering copies of her new biography Taylor Swift: The Platinum Edition by Liv Spencer, I had to press request. Thank you so much to ECW Press for approving this request, I very much appreciated the chance to learn more about T. Swift and her life. But here’s the thing; I don’t normally read non-fiction or biographies, in fact this is the first I’ve ever read which makes it a bit tricky for me to review. So I’ve decided to just tell you all why I love Taylor Swift so freaking much and why you should too….

Why I Love Taylor Swift

When I was 14, my friend showed me this new song she’d heard called Teardrops On My Guitar by Taylor Swift, and I literally teared up while listening to it and ever since then I have bought every Taylor Swift song. Why do I love her so much? Honestly, it’s not because I think her song writing is absolutely fantabulous ground-breaking stuff. No, it’s because in every song she writes, she pours her heart and soul into them and tells a story. Seriously, it’s like reading a very dramatic romance novel. I’m addicted to the drama that is T. Swift’s life!!hqdefault

Let me demonstrate through her love story with Joe Jonas. This drama is most definitely my favourite of all her relationships because it’s been told in several songs over a couple albums. It’s been an epic tale.

It all started after they broke up and Taylor wrote Forever and Always, where she basically sings about the break down of their relationship and calls him a “scared little boy”. THEN Joe retaliates with this awful song (seriously, it’s not good) called Much Better where he sings about how his current girlfriend is much better than his ex. These are the lyrics…

“I get a rep for breakin’ hearts
Now I’m done with superstars
And all the tears on her guitar
I’m not bitter

But now I see
Everything I’d ever need
Is the girl in front of me
She’s much better”

He actually says TEARS ON HER GUITAR. WOAH Taylor, you just got told.

BurnBut it doesn’t end there. Oh no. Taylor fires back with Better Than Revenge, where she slams this new girl and even references Joe’s song when she says “C’mon show me how much better you are!” THIS DRAMA IS BRILLIANT. Poor Joe, T Swift totally got the last laugh on this one.

gif-joe-jonas-24657648-500-300Even her recent drama with Harry Styles has been some of the best entertainment of 2013…



Intrigued? Yeah you are. If you love Taylor Swift or want to get completely immersed in the drama that is her life, I would definitely recommend picking up Taylor Swift: The Platinum Edition. It gives a lot of information about T. Swizzle’s life and dissects her song lyrics to unveil their influences. It was a pretty fun read, especially for a mad fan-girl of Taylor like me 🙂





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