Top 10 Book Turn-Offs

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  1. Illogical back story. I love a good back story, something that makes sense and I can picture being an actual possibility. A great back story shows me that the author has seriously put in a lot of thought into making this story work and helps me become more involved in the story because I can imagine it being real. So when the back story doesn’t make sense or has some serious flaws, it annoys and confuses me like nothing else.
  2. Damsels in distress.Β I will slap them. GAH! I hate female characters who have to rely on a big, strong man to save them. I want to see strong and independent female characters who can save themselves!!
  3. Open endings. If I wanted to be able to imagine an ending for the characters myself, then I wouldn’t have read the book. I want to see these characters that I have loved and followed for so long get their happily ever after!! For example, I LOVED the HP epilogue!
  4. Long, drawn out love triangles. I don’t mind a good love triangle and the angst that goes along with it, but there comes a point when you just have to say enough. If the love triangle drags on for too long it makes all the characters look bad, the female looks like a bitch whose leading on two fantastic guys and the guys look like pathetic idiots who can’t get a clue.
  5. Insta-love. Insta-love is annoying. How can you possibly love someone you don’t know!? Instant attraction, yes. But love? No.
  6. Too much description. If the author is going to spend whole pages describing things, I usually have to skip right over it.
  7. Predictable. I want a story that has me sitting on the edge of my seat. If I’m not, then I’m probably going to get bored very quickly.
  8. Main characters called “Maddi”. I know this is totally irrational and weird, but I can’t read stories where the character has my name. It just weirds me out.
  9. Too much recapping. A little re-capping in sequels is always good but I need it to be short and to the point. I only need to be reminded of what happened in the first book, what I really want is to get on with the new stuff.
  10. Slow moving.Β I used to be a reader who had to finish any book they start, but it’s getting to a point now where my TBR is so massive that if a story can’t hold my attention in the first half of the book then I’m not going to read the second half of it. If nothing is happening by at max, 200 pages in, then I know there are better books waiting to be read!

Happy reading!



14 thoughts on “Top 10 Book Turn-Offs

  1. This is why it’s nice to have a fairly-uncommon name πŸ˜‰ I’ve only read about one Kayla in my reading career so far!

    Illogical backstories, insta-love, and long triangles are pet peeves of mine as well. It just grates on my nerves too!

  2. You’re the first person that I’ve seen have #8 on your list, but I totally agree. I haven’t come across Michelle/Shelly in books that I read, but it’s a name that crops up a lot in crime shows, and I just it weirds me out way too much. Love your list. πŸ™‚

    My TTT

  3. Awesome list, I really agree with everything, especially open endings. If I wanted to imagine my own ending for the characters I might as well have imagined the whole story.

  4. I agree with so many of these! The most annoying to me is when books have terribly though out logic. I just can’t look past it, and am more quick to DNF those books than any others.

    I guess I don’t mind open endings too much. Obviously I would like for everything to be concrete and give me a good picture of the ending, but if it happens to be a little ambiguous or not everything is finalized, I can be okay with it.

  5. Yep to No.2 – I can’t remember ever having been rescued – rely on yourself??
    No.8 is a great answer – never would have thought of that!
    I missed this Teaser as I was on holiday but I still might do a bit of a post on my top ten book turn offs as this is really interesting.
    Lynn πŸ˜€

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