That’s What He Said #2

thats-what-he-said1That’s What He Said is a Thursday meme run by the lovely ladies at Chapter Break. All you have to do is post your favourite quote said by a particular book boyfriend to his leading lady (who I desperately wish I was).

My pick this week is the main man in one of my favourite contemporary young adult books, The Sea of Tranquility. Far out I love this book!! Check out my review for it here.

Josh Bennett

joshbennettt“Maybe one day you’ll come back. Maybe you never will and that’ll suck, but you can’t keep doing this. The blame and the self-loathing and the bullshit. I can’t watch that. It makes me hate you for hating yourself. I don’t want to lose you. But I’d rather lose you if it means you’ll be happy. I think if you come back with me today, you’ll never be okay. And I’ll never be okay if you aren’t. I need to know that there’s a way for people like us to end up okay. I need to know that there even is such a thing as okay, maybe even good, and it’s out there and we just haven’t found it yet. There’s got to be a happier ending than this, here. There’s got to be a better story. Because we deserve one. You deserve one. Even if it doesn’t end with you coming back to me.”

– The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

Oh man, I love this book and this guy!  Josh just made me feel so many emotions, I love him so so so so much!! But I particularly appreciate this quote because when Josh finally realises the full extent of how messed up Nastya is, he doesn’t go “oh I’ll keep her sane and solve all her problems.” No, he let’s her go so she can get professional help, knowing that she may never come back to him but finding it more important that she be mentally stable. I like that.

gif youre awesome

Happy readings!

Maddi xo


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