WriteWorld #1

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_dsafWriteWorld is a writing help blog, that was introduced to me by the wonderful Emma Snow. Every day photos, quotes or singular words are posted and aspiring writers are asked to draw inspiration from then and write. I’m purely using it as a way to dust off my writing hat and get back in the game. I took inspiration from the image displayed below, and just sort of wrote the first thing that came into my head. I find thats the best way to get ideas onto paper, you just write for a standard amount of time and see if it makes sense by the end of it.

tumblr_msnz8mt9qZ1rnl2v3o1_500In the Garden
It was in the garden that he spoke to her. His voice was smooth like the waves as they nestle against the shore at midnight. She’d been here before, seen the sun in its purple haze. Yet he’d never spoken to her until this day. He would only take her hand as they climbed the stairs. They’d explore the vast land full of curious caves and unbreakable undertows, dine in the branches of over turned trees and rest in the salty sand dunes. This time she knew was different, she’d felt it coming for weeks. Building slowly in the back of her mind like a storm brewing behind lights that shine like stars.

She had been told to never mention such things, that it was not the accustomed way that young ladies should speak. And although she had tried she always knew that one day he’d come for her, and she wouldn’t wake up. This didn’t bring sorrow to her heart for in that moment everything would be blissful, this she was certain. For nothing could compare to her dreamscape. Not a feather on a dress nor a stranger asking for her hand, nothing would compare.

And so when he spoke, and a smile tugged at his lips, she knew it was time. They’d climb the stairs together, fingers entwined, and she’d never awake. For he’d take her to a place she desired, and that was better than living a life that wasn’t for her.



2 thoughts on “WriteWorld #1

  1. Meg, I love this! And the picture of the garden would ignite anyone’s mind to create a beautiful piece! Which you did! 😀 I want you to do this at least twice a week!

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