Saucy Sundays: Kiss, Marry, Cliff TAG

kiss, marry, cliff

I have noticed this TAG spreading itself around the booktube community and it looks freakin awesome! So as I sit here pretending to do my readings for this weeks classes I figured why not? If you are unfamiliar with kiss, marry, cliff it is pretty much the PG version of fuck, marry, kill…with book characters. So cool!

IMG_3228So what I did was write down book characters names on sheets of paper and added them to a beautiful mug. Then I played three rounds, with each round picking out three different pieces of paper.

Who I picked:

  •  Jericho (The Diviners by Libba Bray)
  •  Daemon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith)
  • Magnus (The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare)

So I think I would cliff Magnus. I’m sure he would figure out some way to survive half way down the cliff, but more importantly he is immortal so what kind of life would we have together when he’d look all glamed up as I became increasingly wrinkly. No. Oo I’d then probably kiss Daemon, cause he’s uber sexy and you know you won’t ever be able to tie him down to one girl. Also he is immortal, but at least he could turn me into a vampy which would be awesome, BUT Magnus also knows vampires. No, no. This is too hard. Meh. I guess that leaves me marrying Jericho! Who is freakin sweet, but also probably immortal as well with the whole half robot thing going on. Crappy picks for first one. Why must mortality always be in question. I guess thats the ultimate love question though, who would you spend the rest of your life with?

Who I picked:

  • Simon Lewis (The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare)
  • Morpheus (Splintered by A.G. Howard)
  • Simon Parker (Wallbanger by Alice Clayton)

Umm…I’d definitely cliff Morpheus. He’s creepy and wears a top hat, not a heart racer for me. And just poor, poor fashion choice. Yes i’m a low human being and judge fictional people on what they wear. I hear Maddison does it too eh Maddi? Does a certain Dimitri ring a bell. Anyway so then i’d marry Simon Lewis because who wouldn’t honestly? And he can turn me into a vampy so we could live forever together, and that way i’d get to experience future societies. Freakin AWESOME! And lets be honest i’d so snog Simon Parker, like in an instant.

Who I picked:

  • Jeb (Splintered by A.G. Howard)
  • David (Stage Dive by Kylie Scott)
  • Camden McQueen (The Artists Trilogy by Karina Hale)

Gosh! I can’t decide!…..Ummmmm……I’d marry Jeb, because he is so amazing and would follow me/save me from my own stupidity. I could really see us falling in love. Too bad he doesn’t exist. So then i’d probably cliff Camden, and kiss David. I would have married David since he is a rockstar and all, but i’m not sure i’d be suited to that kind of life. We’d have to spend so much time apart, but he would write love songs about me…. And Camden although pretty hot with all his tats, that shit will sag one day. So no. Although he’d probably be a pretty good lay, so would David though….No. I stand by my choices.

As I write this I notice how unexciting my life is…should have played it with Maddison at least. I swear I do have friends! 😀
Don’t forget to post your link to this tag so I can check it out!


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