Booking Through Thursday #2


Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Deb about mostly books and reading. This weeks question is

How much do you visualize when you read? Do you imagine faces for the characters? Can you see the locations in your mind’s eye? Or do you just plunge ahead with the story, letting the imagery fall to the wayside?

I am a very visual reader, but I don’t seem to imagine faces for characters just body shapes. I sort of have this stock standard way for visualising things though, even if they are contrary to the authors descriptions. Such as the main characters bedroom, or their kitchen, are always the same. Great literary descriptions always draw me in and keep me reading, especially if they are done in such a way that it seems like a movie is playing. I think without the imagery your missing out on a key component that helps you to truly enjoy the book.


8 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday #2

  1. I do the same! I think every apartment and layout i read about looks, in my mind, a little bit different from the one before but never as described in the book. And I always imagined Christian Grey from Fifty Shades as having dark brown hair, it wasn’t until last week a friend of mine told me he’s actually a ginger. Blew my mind.

    • Always fuzzy! When Maddi read this post she asked if I imagined the main protagonist (girl) as blonde because I am blonde. A HELLS YES was my answer! True immersion is happening when I imagine myself as the main character. Thats a true testament to an authors writing. I’ve noticed that in some books the descriptions of the main character aren’t given to allow just this. I think its excellent! And have heard a few authors mention their reasons for doing this in their own work, which is the same reason as I gave above.

      • Definitely! In writing these days it tends to be frowned on to give a long drawn out description of what a character looks like, especially as it tends to go in and then straight out of our heads again! 🙂

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