To Read Or Not To Read The Vampire Academy?

Hello all my lovely followers ๐Ÿ™‚ I need your opinion on something.

Have you read The Vampire Academy? If yes, then I need your help!! PLEASE.

So here’s the deal, I’ve been avoiding reading The Vampire Academy series for awhile now, why? WELL for a few reasons..

  1. There are 6 books, each 300 words, and that’s a big time commitment.
  2. There’s A LOT of hype, this creates big expectations which often lead to big disappointments. What if it doesn’t liveย  up to the hype?
  3. There’s a heap of vampire books out there and I’m getting over reading essentially the same story but with different names.
  4. I don’t really like the covers.
  5. The series has been around for awhile so is it even worth it?
  6. And, I’m worried I’ll think its lame and then I’ll be the ONLY person that seems to think that. That would be a lonely group to be a part of.

But then I saw this…

Now I’m intrigued. Yes the trailer looks super high school cheesy but you know what? I actually like that stuff! Plus I usually like it when my favourite books become movies (except Twilight because that was a disaster) so if I’m going to watch the movie then I feel like I should give the books a go first. But I just don’t know. I’m conflicted. Please help me!

The movie will be released in February next year, SHOULD I READ THE BOOKS FIRST?!

What did you think of the series? Does it really live up to all the hype?

Maddi xo


18 thoughts on “To Read Or Not To Read The Vampire Academy?

  1. Yes! I really enjoyed them. The first one is good but kind of meh but the rest are amazing (to me anyways). Doesn’t listen to the hype though, because the hype usually gets too big.

  2. I’ve never read the books, even though I have seen them in bookstores for quite some time now. Like you, I get sick of feeling like I am sick of reading the same vampire story over and over again. BUT this trailer is awesome! Not only does it look really cheesy but it’s very entertaining.

    Maybe we should give this series a chance?

  3. Either I really need to re-read the first book or the trailer/movie don’t follow the book very well, because I barely recognize a thing in it. However, the books are AWESOME. If you think all vampire books are the same you’ve clearly been reading the wrong ones and I suggest you give a go, even though it’s hyped!

  4. Please read it! It was really good and I enjoyed it a lot. In fact, I’m planning on re-reading them just so I could review them on my blog. VA is an amazing series, and I don’t give praises like that very lightly. And Rose Hathaway is so bad-ass, I wanna be her! Sorry, too much fangirling. But you should give it a chance, truly. You most probably wont regret it.

  5. My friend read the whole series and she said they were amazing. They’re on my TBR list. I’m not sure if I’ll like them that much because the whole vampire thing has been kind of butchered into a thousand pieces, but I’m going to give them a shot!

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