Torch (Take It Off #1), by Cambria Hebert

18249443Book Synopsis:

Published 13th August 2013 by Indie Ink | 252 pages
If you can’t take the heat… stay away from the flame.
Katie Parks has been on her own since the age of fifteen. All she’s ever wanted is a place to call her own—a life that is wholly hers that no one can take away. She thought she finally had it, but with the strike of a single match, everything she worked so hard for is reduced to a pile of smoking ash. And she almost is too. 
Now she’s being stalked by someone who’s decided it’s her time to die. The only thing standing in the path of her blazing death is sexy firefighter Holt Arkain. 
Katie’s body might be safe with Holt… but her heart is another story. 
As the danger heats up, sparks fly and the only thing Katie knows for sure is that her whole life is about to go up in flames.

***This is a new adult contemporary novel and contains sexual content and graphic language. It is not intended for young adult readers.***

Book Review: 1 star

This is how I felt the story went…

A Girl’s How To Guide on How To Turn Being Stalked Into Getting A Boyfriend:

Step 1: Have you woken up in the middle of the night tied to a chair in your living room? Do you not know how you got into that position?

BUT WAIT, maybe that hooded figure in the corner will help you! Quick, call out to him for help!

… Oh what? He set the room on fire instead? Weird.. I thought the stranger in your house who tied you to a chair would be helpful…


Step 2: Now try not to panic too much because where there’s a fire, there is also always a hot fireman to save the day 😉 amy-adams-man-of-steel-damsel-in-distress-gallery__oPt

Step 3: When you wake up in the hospital after someone tried to murder you and there’s a hot stranger in the room don’t be frightened, instead check him out unabashedly. You may not know him but its common knowledge that strange hot men are trustworthy.

Step 4: Now lets see if we can convince the hot man to take care of you… Make sure you appear alone and helpless to the hot man so he’ll feel like he has to invite you back to his place, no man can resist a strange damsel in distress.

Step 5: Play hard to get and pretend your independent by leaving his house the next day.

Step 6: But quickly get yourself into more weird trouble so that he’ll be forced to save you again and this time insist that you stay in his house.

Also if he shows up at the scene of the crime right when you need saving and long before any official help (like the police, firefighters or ambulance drivers) don’t be worried. He couldn’t be the stalker. He’s too hot, right? Right. thatgirl

Step 7: Remember never to have serious conversations or discuss your past and actually get to know each other. Get real, no one falls in love that way anymore.

Step 8: Now admit you’re a virgin, men apparently love virgins. Then quickly sleep with him.

Step 9: Discover some weird things about your past that make you look vulnerable and weak so he can be overly protective and manly. It’ll be true love within days.

Step 10: Don’t forget about your stalker! Both of you will be put into life threatening situations and, by some miracle, you’ll fight and survive.

BAM. You have a serious boyfriend.


As you can probably tell, I was not a fan of this story. It’s so cheesy and too typical. I was bored with the story line, couldn’t connect to the characters and found the whole ‘who could be my stalker?’ thing disappointing.



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