Divergent Movie Trailer

HOLY COW. I’m just casually watching the re-runs of the MTV VMA awards then BAM! They release the first Divergent Trailer. I AM SO EXCITED!

Here it is for anyone who’s interested (so everyone), let me know what you think!

My thoughts:

I haven’t been keeping up to date with my Hollywood news lately so even the casting was a total shock to me but I have to admit – I like it!

divergent - beatrice Beatrice Prior:

“I still look like a little girl, though sometime in the last few months I turned sixteen.”

I think they nailed it. Shailene Woodley looks so cute and innocent but in the trailer she is looking kick-ass! I’ve never seen Shailene Woodley before but I hope she rocks it.


Theo James as Four: tumblr_inline_mjprqqoGLa1qz4rgp

I don’t know how I feel about this one, he looks a bit older than what I imagined but I liked what I saw in the trailer so I’m gonna try to keep an open mind. Although I was kinnda keen for Max Irons as Four but oh well..



AHH the 21st of March is way too far away!!!


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