Hysteria by Megan Miranda

14798443Book Synopsis:
Published February 5th 2013 by Walker Childrens
336 Pages | goodreads-badge-add-black-38px

You wanted him. You needed him. You killed him.
Life can change in an instant. Fear can take you to the very edge.

Mallory’s old life is dead. Her boyfriend is gone; his blood washed from the kitchen tiles. Still it stains her mind. She can’t ever go back. Monroe Prep School is her new start. But everyone thinks they know what happened that night. They think they know her. They don’t.

Secrets are deadly. Secrets are the only real currency.

Book Review: 4 stars

“And I listened to him list all of the ways in which I was slowly killing him.
None of which turned out to be the actual way that I killed him.”

Hysteria is defined as a “psychological disorder whose symptoms include conversion of psychological stress into physical symptoms and selective amnesia.” Why is this important despite the fact that it is the name of the book? Well I think you can guess that answer for yourselves.

I have never read a Megan Miranda book before, and Hysteria sure won’t be my last. She has a knack for weaving an intricate storyline that keeps you guessing. There were so many times when I thought I had figured out the mystery, but Miranda is just way too clever for me. It is her ability to create such daunting scenes that suck you in until you believe it is something supernatural but aren’t ever quite sure, that truly piques your interest until the very last page. I loved how she tackled the topic of death and its aftermath. The perception that you could still feel somebody in their room after they have past, and how memories can sometimes be blocked by our subconscious.

As a main character Mallory was pretty awesome. Nothing she ever did or felt seemed forced or faked. She had sass as well which is always breaks up the heavy in such a mystery intwined book. Mallory was just such a loveable character. And when she was with Colleen her bff it was honestly great! There friendship just lifted off the page and you truly understood the lengths that they would go too to be there for one another.

I did find it odd however that she would run into people at Monroe that she had previously known in her life prior to murdering her boyfriend. I know it gave her an instant friend here and there, and it was well written so it worked, it was just an odd sequence of events. But I did love how it meant that her and Reid had some unfinished business. So cute.

All in all the reason behind the second murder was a bit like ‘Oh ok, I must be missing something right?’ It does make sense as to why the person who murder him did, but at the same time how the other two girls were wrapped into it just didn’t seem right. Maybe ‘right’ isn’t the correct word to use. The secrets the murderer had over them didn’t seem seem big enough, but I guess in there lives it did.

This book is written with flashbacks which gives you a little taste of the past to make sense of the present. Its done fantastically, and definitely shows Miranda’s strengths. The way that she wrote each relationship and how they each affected Mallory was so incredibly interesting to read, and it just added this extra layer that made you as a reader love Mallory even more. Ever character were written to the point of realism.

I wizzed through this book in about a day! Its a thrilling mystery.



2 thoughts on “Hysteria by Megan Miranda

  1. I borrowed this book from the library and hadn’t heard anyone talk about it. I’ve been a little hesitant to pick it up. This gives me hope that I will like it! Thanks for reviewing it! 🙂

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