Quick Movie Review: Jack the Giant Slayer

Released in Australia: 21 March 2013

Ok so I have a confession to make…which isn’t really a confession if you have read any of my other Quick Movie Reviews. Well, I sort of have this ‘tiny’ obsession with Nicholas Hoult. I think he is the cats pyjamas! And I will literally watch anything that has him in it!

Jack the Giant Slayer…well I think you can sort of guess what it is about from the title. You take the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk and you twist it a little. I honestly thought that they could have made it a lot funnier, especially with such a talent cast.

It was incredibly action packed with awesome special effects! Like they were so freaking amazing! The acting was brilliant as well, and it was nice to see ‘Jaz’ from Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging getting a block buster break! Even though she did have a small role in Alice in Wonderland. Oh and what was up with Jack’s hair? I understand that he was a farmers boy, but please…it looked like a mop.

Overall it was good, but not great! I don’t think its one that I will re-watch. Even though it does have my other love in it…Ewan McGregor..mmm.



3 thoughts on “Quick Movie Review: Jack the Giant Slayer

    • I adore his awesomeness! And he is easy on the eyes, which helps a lot too! Oh my gosh, are you super excited/saddened by the last season of skins :/ its just a shame that Nicholas won’t be in it 😦

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