Quick Movie Review: Warm Bodies

warm bodies
So obviously, given by the title, I have just watched Warm Bodies….and at least this time I did read the book!

Warm Bodies was one of my favourite reads of 2012, mainly because it called for deeper thinking in regards to humanity. I am actually incredibly happy with how the movie turned out, mainly because it was quite true to the book. Yes there are minor changes like how R. actually gets behind the wall to see Julie…..and also the ending with her Dad…..and ok well maybe there wasn’t as much depth but that is always the case with book adapted movies. There just isn’t enough time.

The cast was amazing. Nicholas Hoult and Theresa Palmer really did R. and Julie justice. Hoult was able to deliver R.’s humour and although Julie was missing some of her zest, Palmer still did a pretty good job.

But my favourite characters are still Nora and Marcus. I’m just saying….they are pretty damn funny! The make up was amazing, the acting was amazing, and the digital effects…you guessed it! Were amazing! I think I have those post movie jitters where I wish that life was as exciting as a movie. *sigh*

Overall if you enjoyed the book, you’ll enjoy the movie. And if you haven’t read the book then you’ll still enjoy the movie because it has Nicholas Hoult in it. Enough said… Or Theresa Palmer is you swing that way. Full stop.

At the end of the day it is a love story, so put your romance hats on when you enter that theatre people! And so what if it has been called a modern day rendition of  Romeo and Juliet…just look at the names people…and the balcony scene… Oh my gosh <side thought> speaking of scenes, I’m so glad they put in the bit when R. and Julie jump out of the building and R. lands so that Julie doesn’t get squished….ahhh!

Anyway go and enjoy some old fashion times of getting eaten by zombies…just really graphically. So keep that in mind.


2 thoughts on “Quick Movie Review: Warm Bodies

  1. Well, I already have my own review of the movie/book Warm Bodies, but I do agree with your points on the positive aspects of the movie! It added a lot more intrigue and great scenes to make it a fun kind of cheesy! 🙂

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