Quick Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures

bcSo I must disclose something to you….I have not yet read the book! Why do you ask would I write a review on the book adaption of the movie when I haven’t read the book? Well thats rather simple. I don’t intend to read it.

After watching the movie, like literally an hour ago, I am already in love. And I don’t want the book world, or my imagination, to ruin it. Plus I have heard some not so nice reviews about this series which I am now questioning, given how awesome I thought the movie was.

Yes there was instant love which I am so not a fan of. But in this case I fell in love with Ethan so quickly that I couldn’t question why Lena fell so hard so fast as well. Now unlike the twilight saga, the chosen actors could actually act. I could be thinking this because its new, as I do remember when Twilight came out in the theatres and I thought is was the best damn thing eva! And then New Moon came out and I was like meh…. (why am I comparing Beautiful Creatures to Stephanie Meyer’s saga you ask?…because its been described as the new Twilight so neh)

The quirkiness of Ethan is to die for – Alden Ehrenreich really knows how to bring the humour. And although you can clearly see that, I guess in a sense, Ethan is actually the male equivalent of those done to death female heroines…I didn’t mind. Cause he’s good to look at for 2hrs. Don’t judge me. I also admired the darkness Alice Englert brought to Lena, it’ll be interesting to see if she can really bring Lena to a whole new level with upcoming events and struggles in the next one…if there even is going to be another one? One thing that I must point out though is something that my friend Cas mentioned…about them two kissing. Her comment was that it’d be uncomfortable, cause they were like seriously smashing their faces together…..thoughts?

I loved the overall plot, and the special effects blew me away! And although as soon as I got home I logged onto amazon to download the next book to continue the story I was refrained by all of the bad reviews about Ethan being stuck in tunnels for the majority of the next book. I have convinced myself that I am in love with this story…and Ethan! So I don’t want the ‘writing’ to ruin my new obsession.

What did you think of the movie? How does the book compare? Should I suck it up and read it? xoxo Happy Watching!


7 thoughts on “Quick Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures

  1. You’ve heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” i’m sure. Well, there’s another quote i’ve seen that says “Don’t judge a book by its movie”.
    Movies and books are separate entities, and in rare cases the movie adaptation of a book is sometimes better, because movies don’t always adhere to the plot of the book.
    Books may contain slow sections and the reader will, for the most part stick with the book and see it through to the end. Movies, however are a different animal. Nobody wants to sit through a boring movie, so creative licence is used to write a screenplay that will keep the audience in its seats; details in the original book are changed in the movie’s screenplay for dramatic effect. Just how many movies can you name that have faithfully stuck to the book in every detail? I struggle to make even a small list of them!

  2. Personally in order to sit through BC the movie I had to “forget” BC the book. They are completely different and if invested in the book and expecting to see it on screen, you will go simply mad. (As a friend of mine did and stormed out of the theatre lol) So I was warned to do a Men In Black memory wipe. In doing so I LOVED the movie but I cannot associate it with the book I read. They changed too much for the sequels etc to make any sense but I thought it was really sweet. The ending is different but I actually loved it because there was so much heart and emotion put into it but as soon as I pick up the book it’s like “Zoooom…Amnesia”. In saying that I would still recommend the books. There is slow moving parts but its a great story!

  3. I’ve read the first two in the series but not seen the movie. My friend has seen the movie but not read the books and when we were discussing BC it’s clear that it’s not entirely faithful to the plot. I agree with both of the above. Movies and books are different beasts and very few movies are totally faithful to the book – the Hobbit being a very recent example, and, if you’re going to watch this having read the book you need to wipe your memory and go in with few expectations. You obviously loved it though – not totally sure that you would be able to just go to the next book and start reading though as the movie was different.
    Lynn πŸ˜€

  4. I’d definitely still recommend reading the books. They were amazing, but keep in mind that the movie really is nothing like the books. There are quite a few similarities, but the book was so much better. Also, I highly doubt they’ll be making more movies because they changed so much that it wouldn’t make any sense unless they’re just not following the story line.

  5. Wow! I am actually a bit surprised that they changed so much from the books to the movie. From whats been said it seems as though the plot has rather had drastic changes made to it.
    In the film adaptions that I have seen yes they have changed minor details to ensure cinematic success but overall the plot has generally been quite similar. I think that if I do pick up this series I’ll have to start with the first book, but I’m not sure if I will since I love seeing characters come to life on screen. And clearly BC isn’t one of those adaptions.

    I found this great review which you should all check out πŸ™‚ sums up my feelings exactly!

    • Good grief she’s a bit excitable lol I was disturbed at how many Fangirl traits we shared! But yeah she sums it up nicely. The only major prob for me with the movie is I don’t know how they’ll make sequels with the changes and I’m always looking for the next teen movie to come out. Being single these make the highlights of my year lol. There was one scene really that bugged me which was the hearing scene because in the book Macon is 1000 kinds of awesome and that scene deserved better. Read the books! Start at the beginning. It’s worth it x

      • My friend who I went to see the movie with is currently reading BC, so I’m thinking I might borrow it after her. Hopefully they’ll make sequels! I think they will, so it’ll be interesting to see how they incorporate BD into it. I must admit that teen movies are highlights of my year too πŸ˜€

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