Say what? 100 FOLLOWERS! NO WAY!

CONVERSATION DIALOGUE…via the inter-web…

So how’s it going?
Meg: Good good, nothing to complain about..unusually. Hows is you?
Maddi: mmm good. So I have some news.
Meg: Uh oh?? good news?
Maddi: Definitely good news….
Meg: What is this news!? Tell me now! I must know your news!?
Maddi: Have you checked the blog lately?
Meg: Pfff! Like every day…
Maddi: Have you checked our followers….??
Meg: Not today I haven’t! WHY? WHY? WHY?
……..(she didn’t write back for like 30sec)……….
Meg: NO SHIT! r u 4 realz? (sometimes I like to feel gangsta)
Maddi: for realz friend, for realz.

YAYAYAY! A celebration is in order because we officially have 100 FOLLOWERS!! Imagine confetti floating down your screen….wouldn’t it be cool if that actually happened. It would be. Don’t deny it.


We would just like to take a moment to thank every single one of our wonderful, fabulous, amazing, crazy, adoring, memorable, intellectual, extraordinary, humorous, sweet FOLLOWERS!

May books be your greatest love.

Happy reading!  xo


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