Pensieve Post: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer


If you are like me then you will often read a book that you love but then months later when the sequel comes out you just can’t really remember what happened. It’s a big pain. Well never fear! Meg and I have considered this problem and come up with a solution – Pensieve posts (as in the pensieve from HP, fun word play).

Anyways! Since the second book in the Lunar chronicles will be released on the 5th of February 2013 (woot woot!) I feel that a little recap of what happened in the first book is necessary…

** If you have not read Cinder by Marissa Meyer then do not read this post because there are spoilers! Seriously, skip over it!! **


What do we know so far?

  • Kai’s father died of the plague so he’s Emperor nowkate_moss_cyborg
  • Iko has been destroyed (but her personality chip survives so there is hope!)
  • Queen Levana wants Kai to marry her so she can become Empress of the Commonwealth and wage war on Earth
  • Kai discovered that Cinder is a cyborg at the ball and hasn’t spoken to her since except to have her thrown into prison
  • Cinder is the lost princess Selene and the only one with the power to take the thrown from Queen Levana
  • Queen Levana knows Cinder is Princess Selene but Kai doesn’t
  • Cinder is trapped in jail waiting to be transported to Lunar
  • Dr. Erland is an ally and is waiting for Cinder to escape jail and join him in Africa


I’m super keen to continue this story little red riding hood style! 🙂

Happy reading!

Maddi xo


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