Week in Review #1

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Butt-Jugglin Pimp:

…apparently this would be my gangster name…its creepily accurate :/

Weekly Reads:

The Unidentified Redhead book cover

Alice Clayton you are tha bomb digidy! If I could crawl inside your imagination, I think I would just stay there for eternity. Mainly because I adore any book that has ‘thats what she said’ lines + who could resist hold your breath taking male characters & laugh out loud humour….I say you try to resist this read!

…for full review click here.

~ Songs on repeat ~

Beneath your Beautiful – Labrinth feat. Emeli Sande

Closer – Tegan & Sara

The MADNESS of my mind:
So yesterday I thought popped into my head, not original but still, and so I asked myself what would life really be like if it was made of cadbury? Of course everything would have to be made out of delicious chocolate ie. the sun – so that you wouldn’t melt. But don’t you think that you would get sick of eating chocolate shaped salad & drinking melted chocolate. What if you had a dairy allergy?

You know when you find a piece of chocolate in your pocket and its gotten all smooshed in

z164123355its wrapper? Well if your bed was made of chocolate would you then have a smooshed bed after sleeping in it..and how soft can chocolate really be to be a pillow?

Also in one of the adds a line suggests that if a shark comes up to bite you, you would then invite them to…umm nope, probably wouldn’t do that. Although you may be made of chocolate, I’m not sure that you would have some rejuvenating properties. Are they therefore suggesting that to be made of chocolate you are thus immortal? Because you can just stick some chocolate sand on the bit that the shark bit off….ahh good as new?

I personally think life would suck if it was made of chocolate & that I have probably thought too much about this.
What are your thoughts on this matter?


In other news I went down the coast during the week and got a mad-ass sunburn on my neck (weird, right) so that now I look like i’m sporting a red turtle neck 24/7. It shall be a rockin tan, eventually.

Oh gosh! And I am also super duper excited for all of the TV series that have come back. Like PLL & The Lying Game. Meh, I probably need to get a life.

Ciao Ciao 4 NOW xoxo Meg


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