The 2013 New Years Book Resolutions


Maddi’s 2013 New Year Book Resolutions Challenges

I’m really hoping 2013 is going to be a good year for me. I’ve just started up this fabulous book blog with one of my closet friends, I’ve recently lost a bit of weight AND I’ll be studying at a university in England from January to May and then backpacking around Europe before returning to Australia in July. I’m super excited :D, I actually don’t think I could be more excited (I MOVE TO THE UK IN 5 DAYS! WHHAAAAAA?!).

So yes, 2013 is going to be amazing.

BUT I don’t want to neglect my books and my new little baby blog in all my excitement. So here’s what I’m going to do; I’m setting myself 5 New Years resolutions for 2013. Now at this point you may be thinking ‘Resolutions? Nobody ever keeps their New Years resolutions’. And you’re right, which is why I’m going to change the word ‘resolution’ to ‘challenge’, which may not make much of a difference to some but I hate to leave a challenge unfinished. Hopefully these challenges will have the dual purpose of keeping this space interesting and giving me a sense of achievement when I complete it at the end of the year 🙂

The challenges:

  1. I will read  at least 2 books a week and review at least 1 a week while in England (the only exception to this will be while I’m backpacking around Europe in June/July as I will be enjoying my travels and won’t have access to my laptop.)
  2. I will read at least 150 books.
  3. I will participate in a year <Challenge > held by the Goodreads group, Never Too Old for YA, where I will be asked to complete monthly challenges.
  4. I will regularly post on this blog… so everyone should defs keep an eye on it 😉
  5. I will receive my first ARC by the end of 2013 (an e-book totally counts).

Who else is setting themselves a New Years book resolution this year??

Meg’s 2013 New Year Book Challenges:

I am actually sort of glad that this year is almost over to be honest, because I am super excited for 2013…especially now that we have all survived the apocalypse! (which to be honest with you, I certainly freaked myself out a bit over.) I always like to look back on the past year and look at what I have learnt. So here is my list of what i’ve learnt this year:

  1. Don’t trust everything that you read/watch on youtube…especially in regards to the apocalypse
  2. Some people aren’t worth the heartache, and its ok if friendships are lost. Everything has its course to run.
  3. You can meet amazing people in the girls loo…but I wouldn’t recommend hanging out in there..its apparently a bit weird.
  4. The best advice that I was given this year was from my friend Cas, who said “Stop trying to see how the future will pan out. If you are always expecting a certain outcome, then you aren’t open to other opportunities”…I think her actual words were something like ‘Stop being a hermit and go to that party, you don’t know what will happen.” Same thing really :/

Gosh! I have great plans for the upcoming year. I wish to be moved out of my parents house, adopt a puppy (which Maddi know’s i’ve be whining about for years now) and prosper at UNI. I am so happy with our little blog, and am glad that we have so far been rather consistent with updating it.

The Challenges:

  1. I will substitute TV watching for reading, and plan to read at least 2 books a week
  2. I will update the blog regularly, including blog posts and overall design
  3. I shall read 120 books in 2013, challenging myself to read books that I don’t normally pick up. Hence I plan to alternate between reading 1 book I choose, and another that has been recommended to me.
  4. I will have written 3/4 of my book, and will have let Maddi read them for her expert opinion and advice

I hope that you too have bold and brilliant plans for 2013, and that you are successful in your endeavours! Although it is still early, we do appreciate the kind feedback on our little blog.

~Happy New Year~


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