Our Rating System

Our rating system:

Untitled   5 STARS
We give 5 stars to books that we believe are off the charts amazing! These are the books that have no flaws, who’s hero we are desperately in love with and who’s heroines we want to be best friends with! These are the books that we can’t put down, leave us desperate for more and have us thinking about the story line for days after we finish! If you are going to read anything, the books with 5 stars are a must.

Untitled  4 STARS
Books that recieve 4 stars are also stories that we loved! But unlike the 5 star books, these one’s have a small flaw or flaws that bothered us. We would also recommend these books to everyone!

Untitled  3 STARS
Books that recieve 3 stars are books that we liked but didn’t love. These books had something that we felt was missing from the storyline and prevented us from becoming totally immersed in their fictional world. These books are of the take it or leave it sort.

Untitled  2 STARS
Books that recieve 2 stars just didn’t do it for us. We didn’t feel a connection to the storyline or the characters and just couldn’t get into it.

Untitled   1 STAR
I don’t like to use the word “hate” but books that recieve 1 star are one’s that we really, really disliked. To us, the book was just plain bad and we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.


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