Get to know us!

So there are two bloggers on this site, Meg and Maddi who are both Meg-a-Mad for books!
We’ll both introduce ourselves below…



Well hello there new friends! I’m Meg, a 20 year old (gosh! I know right…I’m so old) book lover. There is something about the desire to escape reality that intrigues me. And reading is a perfect outlet for this desire. When you are able to immerse yourself in a good book, the time and the world seem to slip away. To be honest with you I am a slightly picky reader, and do have a habit of rushing ‘bad’ books if they annoy me. (Or I just google the endings…or ask Maddi)

But on the plus side I do love to read young adult books with any of the following characteristics:

– paranormal/supernatural powers
– young love/love triangles
– epic fight scenes
– humorous characters
– dystopian settings
– original plots

Every now and then I do love a good adult novel, or a book that just sounds absolutely amazing. I have never written reviews before, at least not voiced them so publicly. I am enjoying it immensely however, and now have another addiction to add to my ever growing list 😀


Hey! I’m a 19 year old Australian university student who lives in the hole that is the Australian capital. There really isn’t all that much to do here, so I read … A LOT. I have many loves; my family, friends, movies, my dogs and, most importantly, I love love LOVE books. I’ve loved reading since I was a little girl and have only recently become addicted to writing reviews!
This is me –>;; red

I read pretty much everything except non-fiction and biographies.
My favourite genres are…
– Anything young adult
– Fantasy
– Urban Fantasy
– Classics
– Dystopia
– Contemporary fiction
– Romance (I pretty much like a little romance in everything!)

This is my first attempt at sharing my reviews with the world and I don’t know how successful it will be but I’m trying to be super optimistic! So on that note FOLLOW THIS PAGE!


7 thoughts on “Get to know us!

  1. Hi Meg and Maddi! Great blog (and name!)!! Best of luck with starting out! We found you via goodreads, always love meeting other blogging duos!! 😀 Plus we love all the same genres and characteristics you’ve listed in your books, so we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on what you review! L&R

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